What We Do

At BGCC we thrive on the energy and innovation of the entrepreneur. Our clients span a variety of industries, but share a determination to be leader in their markets. We make it our job to provide legal and business counsel to these motivated entrepreneurs and we are constantly seeking new opportunities with like-minded business people.

BGCC was formed as an alternative to the traditional law firm. Our goal is to be a part of, and enhance, innovation, and not simply provide a service for a fee. We look at our clients as collaborative partners who want to expand their business team to include a sharp legal mind.

For our part, we offer the benefits of 12 years of corporate law experience, to be used in a variety of ways, including:

Of course, we also provide traditional corporate/commercial legal services, including:

How we are paid.

In keeping with the entrepreneurial mission that drives our firm, we seek to custom fit our billing to each client. At the center of our billing model is a "flat-fee" program that fixes a monthly rate based upon anticipate need and allows for adjustments quarterly, as such need may fluctuate. It is a program based upon trust - and it has worked well for our clients. Alternatively, we offer hourly billing, and project-based billing. And we are always willing to consider accepting equity for services rendered. We understand the investment that entrepreneurs take in themselves and their businesses and are often willing to make a similar investment of our time.

Whether through a fixed fee, hourly or otherwise, we strive to make all of our clients our partners.